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Every year, steel replacement due to corrosion costs more than $100 billion world wide. The pigment that reducing the corrosion costing is anti-corrosion pigments. Noelson Chemicals has been developing and manufacturing anti-corrosion pigments since 1996, our products range from inorganic fillers to specialty anti-corrosion pigments.


  • Product Type:

    • NOELSON™ P-300M/P-600M/P-800M/P-1200M/P-2000M/P-3000M
      (any specification requirement can consider for custom design)

  • Product Performance & Application:

    • Improve on film coating and welding characteristics of zinc rich paint, reduce the dust of zinc when we are welding and cutting, improve our work environment, enhance the level of our labour protection.

    • Assist the factories to reduce the cost of production substantially.

    • Enhance the property of conductivity of the product, suitable for storage tank and pipeline anticorrosion coating systems.

    • Suitable for various types of shop primer and industry paint, have good anticorrosion performance.
      Executive standard: National GB3210-82 and Enterprise NS-SFPP01-10.


  • Product Type:

    • MIO GREY A-160M/320M/400M/500M/600M/800M

    • ​MIOX SF/AS/SG/DB 

    • MIOX GEO-16/GEO-25/GEO-32/GEO-40/GEO-50/GEO-LF

    • MIO RED B-400M/500M

  • Product Performance & Application:

    • Micaceous iron oxide (MIO) especially suitable for high durable anticorrosion coatings system, as use of intermediate paint of epoxy micaceous iron oxide. 

    • For other kinds of anticorrosive industrial coatings. It can also be used in magnetic materials, glass industry, pearl pigment field etc. 

    • Product performance standards: China GB6755-88, USA ASTM D5532, International ISO10601, Germany T1918 300, U.K 3981 and Noelson NS-Q/MIOX1998 standard.


  • MF-626W (Milk White Powder)

  • Natural

  • Precipitated

  • Ultra-granular

  • Matte

  • Glossy

  • Ace Shield L-B

  • Ace Shield L-C

  • Ace Shield D500/800


  • Product Type:

    • C Glass Flake

      • F-20M/80M/120M/180M/300M/800M

      • NCF-600/NCF-140/NCF-160/NCF-015/NCF-1160/NCF-2260/NCF-2300

      • PG750M/PG300M/PG100M

    • E Glass Flake

  • Product Performance & Application:

    • Strong corrosion resistance, with good performance of chemical corrosion resistance, especially sour-corrosion resistance is very extraordinary. 

    • Good property of aging resistance, its property of aging resistance better than other coatings. 

    • Good performance of heat resistance, small thermal coefficient of expansion, good wear resisting property. 

    • Product with good application compatibility, with various resin constitute anticorrosive paint. Glass flake because of its special structure and excellent corrosion resistance, generally used for the heavy anticorrosion coatings and lining materials, so as to achieve the purpose of resistance to corrosion medium penetration.

    • Glass flake with various system of resin can be made into coatings, cement gum, widely apply to: oil tank and gas canisters, chemical industrial field of pipeline, drainage pool and corrosion resistant mechanical equipment, ocean drilling oil platform, marine coatings, desulfurization devices of large coal-fired power plants. 

    • Widely apply in the field of chemical fiber, engineering plastic and pearl pigment. 

    • Glass flake and glass fiber, glass beads of powder materials mixed use, can greatly improve the performance of engineering plastics. 

    • Product executive standard: China National standard/Japan, United Kingdom, flake standard/Noelson Chemicals NS-Q/GF2005 standard.



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