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Keep promise and working with reputation

are the naming reasons and the forever tenets!

■Noelson Chemicals is a manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive specialty chemicals. Since 1996, Noelson Chemicals invested and established his production plant in inland China, like Noelson Micro-powder Industry Inc., Noelson Chemicals (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. Noelson Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Noelson Chemicals Technology Co., Ltd. according to the standard of leading technologies for research and development, production and supply of various products with advanced world standard in domestic, also as an agency of some international famous brand name products. Our one-stop service concept of unique special antirust pigments and conductive & antistatic agents products, has won the position of the industry leader.

■Noelson Chemicals treat the teamwork spirit as the life of corporation, we invite and co-operate with many professional research institutions inside and outside the country, gathering the people with abilities, focusing on the international newest leading edge of Micro-powder and function pigments, keep on exploring, developing and create the new multi-function series products.

■Noelson Chemcials product application areas covering coating, ink, plastic, rubber, building materials and metllurgy industries, for numerous multinational and national corporations provide:

Specialty Anti-corrosion Pigment

Phosphate Anti-corrosion Pigment

Complex Inorganic Color Pigment & Mixed Metal Oxide Pigment

Iron Oxide Pigment

Inorganic Pigment

Glass Flake & Glass Microsphere

Conductive & Anti-static Pigment

Noelson Chemcials various main product series, direction is dlear, target concentration, more professional, marketing and sales are occupy an important maket share in worldwide, part of export product is at the forefront in China and Asia-Pacific region, is the most speciality manufacturer of micro-powder and function pigment in inland China nowadays.

■Best Quality and Best Service are tenets of Noelson Chemicals. All the products of Noelson Chemicals are manufactured and supplied with best quality standards, some target products in accordance with relevant intermational standards (such as standards of American Engineer Technical Association, American FDA standard, International RoHS standard etc.) on production and supply, also acquired the ISO9001/2008 and European Union REACH certificate. Over the years, Noelson Chemicals cooperate with SGS, PONY the global third party authority testing organization, to ensure the product quality to be stability and meet the international standard. Noelson Chemicals have branch offices and agency in Japan, Europe, U.S.A. and major cities in China, providing with full and circumspect technical and business service to all clients.

■Innovation Technology is the fundamental of continuous development of Noelson Chemicals. Over the years, Noelson Chemicals has kept in developing future top technique of powder chemcial products, on one hand we thorough exchange with some of the famous corporations in the world, established the long-term cooperative relationship, track for newest technigues from foreign, introduce the latest international patent; on the other hand, we established cooperative relationship closely with national notability university and various professional research institutions, domestic major powder and new materials research centre, national major chemical laboratory. In the past few years,we create our newest environment friendly pigment series, compound antirust pigment series, phosphate function pigment series and conductive powder and materials series various new products, make up part of market blank, also the key factors of Noelson Chemicals continuously sitting in the leadership position in the industry.

■Price advantage, sometimes as same important as technology.Provide the most competitive prices, always the lasting objective of Noelson Chemicals. Our effeciency supply chain management system, large-scale of production and supply capacity, the formation of products unique to assist customers for cost reduction and enhance product competitiveness.

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