History / Culture


In 1996

Noelson Chemicals (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. and Noelson Micro-powder Industry Inc. has established, mainly for research, development and manufacture of Micaceous Iron 0xide, Magnetic Iron 0xide and Natural Iron 0xide.

From 2000 to 2005

mainly engaged in research and development in the series of antirust pigment, newest environment friendly antirust pigment and functional fillers. 

We introduce the advanced chemical technology and knowledge from Northwest American, succeed in developing the product range of Superfine Ferro-Phosphorus Powder, and these products has been promoted and accepted in the market. At present, we are becoming the chief manufacturer of supplying Superfine Ferro-Phosphorus Powder in China.

We throw oneself into research and development in Zinc Phosphate, Aluminum Tripolyphosphate, and Phosphate Rust resisting Pigments, our newest promoting products which completely meet the environment friendly specification of international standard. Currently, we are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier in Asia-Pacific region and the products exported to all over the world. 

Combination of bring in and creative, we are successively developing the series of Compound Ferro titanium, Compound Red Lead, Compound Antirust Pigment and Super Rust Powder. Numerous ingenious advanced technology, strict quality control, ensuring us to be the leader in the industry. Our Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder product already widely recognized in the market, getting the largest market share in the industry.

In 2006

Noelson Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established, mainly be engaged in new product development and marketing, sales and operation head office in China.

We start the developing and production the series of Glass Flake, Glass Fiber, Glass Microsphere and Vitreous Microsphere, refrence the advanced technology and chemical formulation from Japan, British and U.S.A. ,we are the earliest manufacturer to develop the whole new generation products to meet the needs for the market in domestic and overseas,and the technology of our product glass flake which reachable the stardard of international branded product.

Since 2006

Noelson Chemicals has published a lot of patents and thesis in the magazine. Like (Superfine ferrophosphorus powder application, development and research), (The latest conductive powder application technology and prospective research report) a series of professional articles, published in international magazines, acquire to industry acclaim.

In 2008

We developed a new series of conductive and antistatic materials, such as High-grade Conductive Carbon Powder, Conductive Zinc Oxide, Conductive Polyaniline, Conductive Carbon Nonotubes, etc. We strive to be the leading manufacturer in China region within 5 years of supplying the conductive products.

Part of our products obtainsREACH" certification from Europe, and Noelson obtains IS09001/2008 certification.

In December 2010

Completion of new plant in Shanghai Nanhui.

In May 2011

The new production plant of phosphate product base was completed.


In future

we will speed up our innovation and development, endeavor ourselves to be the leading manufacturer of superfine powder, function pigment and conductive materials in inland China and Asia-Pacific region.