NOELSON Products That Used For Anti-corrosion.

What is Anti-corrosive Pigments?

Corrosion to steel is very normal and obvious. Every year, steel replacement all the world costs more than $100 billion.

The pigment that reducing the corrosion costing is anti-corrosive pigments.

NOELSON Products That Used For Anti-corrosion.

Since 1996, NOELSON has been working on solutions to anti-corrosion pigments and Noelson developed from the Inorganic fillers to Special anti-corrosion pigments, Compound Ferro Titanium anti-corrosion pigments, Glass Flake anti-corrosion pigments, Orthophosphate/Polyphosphate anti-corrosion pigments, Broad Spectrum anti-corrosion pigments, Complex inorganic color pigments. Now, we are one important partner in modern protective coatings with customers all over the world.

■ Special anti-corrosion pigments (Micaceous Iron Oxide,  Superfine of Ferro-phosphorous Powder, Anti-rust Powder, Flake Graphite etc.)

■ Compound FerroTitanium anti-corrosion pigments (ACE SHIELD L-B, L-C etc.)

■ Phosphate serials anti-corrosion pigments (Zinc Phosphate, Aluminium Tripolyphosphate, Zinc Chromate, ZPA, ZAM, ZMP, CAPP etc.)

■ CICP/MMO(Complex inorganic color pigments/Mix metal oxide pigments)

■ Glass Flake anti-corrosion pigments

■ Conductive & Anti-static Agents series (Conductive Mica Powder, Conductive Titanium Powder, Conductive Carbon Black & Conductive Graphene etc.)

NOELSON’s Continuous Target:

Sustainable environmental solutions

Foresight with product diversification

Stability and versatility

Excellent particle size distribution and dispersion

Costing effective

Over the years,NOELSON still Focus on:

High Performance Anticorrosion Pigments

High Performance Antistatic Pigments

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