Two-in-one solution provider Phosphate serials anticorrosive pigments + high efficiency corrosion additive (anti rust agent)


In the formulation of waterborne industrial paint, we recommend NSC-702 and NSC-768 as two kinds of high efficiency corrosion additivess with low dosage and good anti-rust effect. With protective coatings, a two-in-one solution is to use our modified phosphate antirust pigment + organic corrosion additives, which can make the two pigment products to improve corrosion synergistic chance. This is also because the efficiency of corrosion inhibitor and anti-rust pigment is not the same with the time period: the curing stage needs anti-rust (at beginning use corrosio additive), and the medium and long term protection must still use high quality anti-rust pigment.

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Post time: Aug-03-2021