Specialty Anti-corrosion Pigment

Noelson Chemicals offers you a wide range of universal anti-corrosive pigments, sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions that significantly extend the life of steel and reduce costs over the long term.

Superfine Ferro-phosphorous Powder

  • Noelson™ P-300M/P-600M/P-800M/P-1200M/P-2000M/P-3000M
  • Other customized specifications available upon inquiry

Micaceous Iron Oxide

  • MIOX GEO-16/GEO-25/GEO-32/GEO-40/GEO-50/GEO-LF
  • MIO RED B-400M/500M

Anti-corrosion Powder

  • MF-626W (milky white powder)

Barium Sulfate

  • Natural
  • Precipitated
  • Ultra-granular
  • Matte
  • Glossy

Compound Ferro Titanium Powder

  • Ace Shield L-B
  • Ace Shield L-C
  • Ace Shield D500/800

Glass Flake

  • C Glass Flake
    • F-20M/80M/120M/180M/300M/800M
    • NCF-600/NCF-140/NCF-160/NCF-015/NCF-1160/NCF-2260/NCF-2300
    • PG750M/PG300M/PG100M
  • E Glass Flake

Zinc Flake

Graphite Flake