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Noelson Chemicals has been developing and manufacturing Phosphate anti-corrosion pigments since 1996. Our products include from Zinc Phosphate, Compound Zinc Phosphate, Phosphorus Zinc Chromate, Aluminum Tripolyphosphate, Orthophosphate & Polyphosphate and Spectrum Phophates.


  • Product Type:

    • ZP 409-1(General type) /ZP 409-2(High content type)/ZP 409-3(Low heavy metal type)/ZP 409-4(Superfine type)

    • For water based coating: ZP 409-1(W) / ZP409-3(W)

  • Product Performance & Application:

    • Zinc phosphate in the ferric ions has a strong ability to condensation. 

    • The root of zinc phosphate ions and iron anodes reaction, can form to iron phosphate as the main body of the strong protective film, this dense purification membrane insoluble in water, high hardness, good adhesion shows excellent anti-corrosive properties. Because of zinc phosphate has excellent activity, gene with a lot of metal ions can transamination complex, therefore, has the good rustproof effect. 

    • Made of dispensing with zinc phosphate coating had excellent rust resistance and resistance to water used for various binder coating preparation for various water resistant, acid, such as anti-corrosion coatings : epoxy paint, propylene acid paint , thick paint and soluble resin paint, widely used in ship, automotive, industrial machinery, light metals, household appliances and food use metal containers aspects of the antirust paint.


  • ZP 409


  • TP-303/TP-306/TP-308

  • For water based coating: TP-303(W) / TP-306(W)

  • Product Intro:

    • ​Environmental friendly pollution-free white antirust pigment, main component is aluminum tripolyphosphate and their modified substances, appearance is hoar powder, density 2.0-3g/cm, non-toxic, do not contain chromium and other harmful metals, good adhesion and impact resistance, heat resistance strong (heat resistance 1000 degrees, melting point 1500 degrees or so), is the ideal substitute of lead and chrome toxic antirust pigment products. The antirust performance of this product is better than red lead, zinc molybdate, lead chromate, zinc chromate, zinc chrome yellow traditional toxic antirust pigment, also better than the zinc phosphate. Wide applicable scope, with excellent effective, is the important component of environmental antirust pigment system. 

  • Product Type:​

    • ZPA (Aluminum Zinc Phosphate)

    • CAPP (Calcium Zinc Phosphate)

    • ZMP (Zinc Molybdate, Zinc Chromate)


  • ZP 01 (Zinc Aluminium Orthophosphate)

  • ZP 02 (Zinc Orthophosphate Hydrate )

  • ZP 03 (Zinc Molybdenum Orthophosphate )

  • ZP 04 (Calcium Magnesium Phosphate )

  • ZP 05 (Zinc Aluminium Phosphate Hydrate)

  • ZP 06 (Cacium Aluminium Polyphosphate )

  • ZP 07 (Zinc Aluminium Molybdenum Orthophosphate )

  • ZP 08 (Zinc Calcium Strontium Aluminium Orthophosphate )

  • ZP 09 (Phosphate Zinc Chromate)


  • Zinc Aluminum Oxide

  • Zinc Borate

  • Zinc Titanium Oxide

  • Zinc Molybdate

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