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NOELSON™ Brand Conductive Titanium Dioxide EC-320 is a compound product based on high quality titanium dioxide, processing through surface treatment using nanotechnology, is one world recognized 2nd generation conductive product series.

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NOELSON™ Brand Conductive Titanium Dioxide EC-320 is a compound product based on high quality titanium dioxide, processing through surface treatment using nanotechnology, is one world recognized 2nd generation conductive product series. As one new functional conductive material, EC-320 has many advantages, such as: light-color, easily to dispersed, wide applicability, high conductivity, anticorrosion, inflaming retarding, good hiding force, etc. Mainly is used to substitute for expensive imported products. For many years, we study deeply in these field and achieve steady progress. Our quality of products has a leading position in China.

Product type

NOELSON™ EC-320(C), is one general type.

Chemical & physical index

Item Technical Data
Features Good at scatting light, good luster, whiteness and hiding force
Thermo Stability ℃ ≥600-800
Chemical Stability Resist acid, alkali, and organic solvents; No oxidation; Inflaming retarding
Average particle size(D50) ≤5um
Density g/cm3 2.8-3.2
Oil Absorption ml/100g 35~45
Moisture ≤0.5
PH 4.0~8.0
Resistivity Ω·cm ≤100 

Product performance & application

EC-320(C) is widely used in coatings, plastics, rubber, adhesive, ink, special paper, construction materials, kinds of compound materials, textile fiber, electronic products, pottery industry, etc.

Conductive Titanium Dioxide can be made for close white or other light color perpetual conductive, antistatic products. Especially applicable to those conductive and antistatic products having high requirements to whiteness. Also can be used making other color products if color added. As the application area of molecular material is getting wider and wider, areas needing conductive and antistatic treatment are getting more and more. So light conductive powder series can be widely used.

Conductivity performance of conductive and antistatic materials depends on processing technology and related filler, resin, promoter, solvents in the formula, also influenced by performance of coated products in coating systems. Generally, if conductive titanium dioxide added up to 15%~25%(PWC), resistivity can be up to 105~106Ω•cm.

►  Differences between conductive titanium dioxide and conductive mica powder: Better if flaky conductive mica powder used in coating systems and ink. To the contrary, better if spherical or acicular conductive titanium dioxide used in rubber and plastic systems. Actually, different shaped and size of conductive powder mix to use can achieve better conductivity performance. For example, ratio between conductive mica powder and conductive titanium dioxide: 4:1~10:1. Filling status can directly affect conductivity performance, filling irregularly have better influence than filling regularly, can be explained by contacting area. The mix of Conductive alloyed powder and Conductive mica powder will sharply improve electricity Conductive performance when manufacturing antistatic floor coatings, and cut lots of costs. Spherical and acicular mix to use can change filling status of conductive powder, more contact forms achieved: flake with flake, flake with point, and point with point, thus electrical conductivity performance improved.

  Below the critical value, performance of objects will be improved with the increasing of additive volume of conductive powder, and after that point, conductivity will start level off or be lower.

Technical & business service

NOELSON™ Brand conductive & and anti-static agents series, are currently the leading development manufacturer with comprehensive models for application and promotion products of conductive powder and materials in China and wields a lot of influence domestic and overseas. All products we supply have excellent quality and competitive price. Besides products we supply, we are also providing with full and circumspect technical, customer and logistic service to all clients.


10-25KGS/Bag or 25KGS/Paper Tube 14-18MT/20’FCL Container.

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