Micaceous Iron Oxide

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Micaceous Iron Oxide is unique and excellent anti corrosive pigment for industrial coating and other application.

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Micaceous iron oxide (MIO) is processed and production by high quality natural iron glance, non-toxic, tasteless, both excellent anticorrosive property, also with good conductivity and thermal conductivity, anticorrosion, wear-resisting, thermo-stabilit, strong adhesion, cost effective; given its unique flake structure and higher cost performance, MIO currently is the most outstanding antirust pigment and anticorrosive medium in industrial anticorrosion coating. For quite some time, MIO are widely used in high durable anticorrosion coatings system, coordinate with a high quality epoxy resin, its coating service life can reach above 15 years long, are the most important constituent part of the intermational anticorrosion coating formulation system. At present, we can provide various types of products which can be applied in various application fields.

Product type

NOELSON™  MIO Grey: A160M/A-250M/A-320M/A-400M/A-500M / A-600M/A-800M

                                           MIOX  SF/AS/SG/DB

                                           MIOX  GEO-16/GEO-25/GEO-32/GEO-40/GEO-50/GEO-LF

NOELSON™  MIO Red: B-400M/B-500M

Chemical & physical index




Product Name

Micaceous Iron Oxide Grey

Micaceous Iron Oxide Red


Black grey with metallic luster

Red brown powder with metallic luster

Fe2O3% min



Specific gravity g/cm3



Moisture % max



Water soluble in water % max



Oil absorption






Product performance & application

Micaceous iron oxide (MIO) especially suitable for high durable anticorrosion coatings system, as use of intermediate paint of epoxy micaceous iron oxide.

For other kinds of anticorrosive industrial coatings.

It can also be used in magnetic materials, glass industry, pearl pigment field etc.

Product performance standards: China GB6755-88, USA ASTM D5532, International IS010601, Germany T1918 300, U.K 3981 and Noelson NS-Q/MI0X1998 standard.

Technical & business service

NOELSON™ brand of micaceous iron oxide series products, selection of high-quality raw ore processing in China, product quality and quality control are head in the leading position in the industry, have obtained EU REACH certification and number of internationl institutes certified, is the earliest and the largest volume of exporting branded product in inland China. Besides of products supplied, we are also providing with full and circumspect technical, customer and logistic service to all clients. NOELSONTM brand MIO, always been the symbol of best quality and best service in the industry.


25kgs/bag , 500kgs/bag or 1ton/bag, 18-22MT/20’FCL.

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