• Glass Powder

    Glass Powder

    NOELSON Glass Microspheres-GP series are used for wood coatings. They are ultra-fine, ultra-pure, wear-resistant, translucent/high transparent, narrow particle size distribution and so on.
  • Ultramarine blue

    Ultramarine blue

    Ultramarine pigment is the oldest and most vivid blue pigment. The bright blue color shows a little red light. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and belongs to the category of inorganic pigments.
  • Zinc Phosphomolybdate

    Zinc Phosphomolybdate

    In view of its high content and high specific surface area, zinc phosphomolybdate has good dispersibility, wide adaptability to base materials, strong paint adhesion, and excellent anti-rust performance.
  • Phosphorus Zinc Chromate

    Phosphorus Zinc Chromate

    Phosphorus zinc chromate is a yellowish powdered pigment, which is a composite of phosphate and chromate with zinc phosphate and zinc chromate as the main body.
  • Rheological Additive

    Rheological Additive

    It is an organophilic modified smectite product designed for use in low to medium till higher polarity solvent system.
  • Ion Exchange Silica  Anti-Corrosive Pigments

    Ion Exchange Silica Anti-Corrosive Pigments

    NOELSON™ Salt Spray Resistant Additive is an environmentally friendly new chromium - and phosphorus-free anticorrosion material similar to Grace's AC5/C303.
  • Conductive Titanium Dioxide

    Conductive Titanium Dioxide

    NOELSON™ Brand Conductive Titanium Dioxide EC-320 is a compound product based on high quality titanium dioxide, processing through surface treatment using nanotechnology, is one world recognized 2nd generation conductive product series.
  • Conductive Mica Powder

    Conductive Mica Powder

    Light-grey color, applicable for all types of conductive coating.
  • Zinc Aluminium Orthophosphate

    Zinc Aluminium Orthophosphate

    NOELSON™ Zinc Aluminium Orthophosphate (ZP-01)is a kind of phosphate series compound antirust pigment, The absence of basic components in the pigment makes NOELSON™ Zinc Aluminium Orthophosphate (ZP-01) a versatile anticorrosive pigment for many applications.
  • Aluminum Tripolyphosphate

    Aluminum Tripolyphosphate

    Environmental friendly pollution-free white antirust pigment, main component is aluminum tripolyphosphate and their modified substances, appearance is hoar powder, density 2.0-3g/cm, non-toxic, do not contain chromium and other harmful metals, good adhesion and impact resistance,
  • Zinc Phosphate

    Zinc Phosphate

    Zinc Phosphate is a white non-toxic anti-rust pigment, is the new generation of excellent anti-corrosion effect the antirust pigment non-pollution avirulence, it can effectively substitute contain toxic substances such as lead, chromium, the traditional antirust pigment,
  • Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder

    Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder

    Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, new generation of environment friendly anti-rust pigment. use the newest compound and nanotechnology also with high cost performance.
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