Glass Flake

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Glass flake belongs to environment friendly functional materials, low heavy metal content, non-toxic, odorless, transparent white ultrathin lamellar morphology, is the best preservation medium for preservation coating system in the world.

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Glass Flake used alkali glass (C glass) or boron silicatle glass (E glass) as raw material, adopt meling into and blowing with high temperature.The slice thickness of Glass flake about 5μm, diameter in between 10-400um diameter alled minuteness slice diameter product, between 400- 1000m alled medium slice diameter product, bigger than 1000um called big slice diameter product. NOEL SONTM brand glass flake. series product, is Noelson Chemicals introduce from international advanced technology production at the soonest, our product quality control is very strict, is a few glass flake supplier which can meet the interational standard in Asia-Pacfic region. All the time, our produts has been approved by many intemational institute, also accepted by most famous national and multinational corporations both at home and abroad, have strong competitiveness in domestic and overseas market.

Product type

NOELSONTM F-20M/80M/120M/180M/300M/600M/800M etc.

NOELSONTM NCF-600/NCF-140/NCF-160/NCF-015/NCF-1160/NCF-2260/NCF-2300 etc.


Chemical & physical index








Particle Size Distribution

20-400 mesh (1700-20 μm)

Different particle with different models

Specific gravity(specified)

Adv. 1.53-2.52



Flash point


Compression/ extension strength (Mpa)


Melting point

(C type Glass)

1200 ℃

Melting point

(E type Glass)

1350 ℃

Chemical composition(C type Glass Flake)

SiO 65-70, CaO 4-11, NaO+K0 9-13

Chemical composition(E type Glass Flake)

SiO 52-56, CaO 20-25, NaO+K0≤0.8

Product performance & application

  • Desulphurization project of coal-fired power plants.
  • Heavy anti corrosion paints.(Offshore heavy industry equipment, oil and gas, mining, chemical and storage equipment, pulp mills and many other fields).
  • Epoxy flooring and decorative coating.
  • Plastic and rubber’s modified and reinforce.
  • Pearlescent pigments and cosmetics field.

Technical & business service

Besides of products supplied, we are also providing with full and circumspect technical, customer and logisitc service to all clients. NOELSONTM brand micro-powder and special pigment series products, always been the symbol of best quality and best service in the industry.


 10,20,25Kg/Bag, 6-20Ton/20’FCL.


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