Glass Flake

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Glass flake belongs to environment friendly functional materials, low heavy metal content, non-toxic, odorless, transparent white ultrathin lamellar morphology, is the best preservation medium for preservation coating system in the world.

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NOELSON CHEMICALS is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Glass Flake. The quality of Glass raw material is key in production, high purity and low heavy metal content are the gold standard NOELSON CHEMICALS strive for.

Diameter-to-thickness ratio is a key anti-corrosive performance indicator. Generally, thinner Glass Flake provides better anti-corrosive performance. NOELSON CHEMICALS produces and supplies Glass Flake with thickness ranging from 0.5 to 10 micron. Glass Flake with an average thickness of 5±2 micron are commonly used in industrial paint and coating, while pearlescent paint commonly require thicker or thinner Glass Flake.

Model / Grade

NCF Series: NCF-015, NCF-140, NCF-160, etc.
NF Series: NF-10, NF-30, NF-50, etc

Customization is available upon inquiry

Chemical & Physical Index






5±2 microns

1±3 microns

Particle Size Distribution

20-1700 microns (varies by model and grade)

Specific gravity(specified)

Adv. 1.53-2.52


White powder

Flash point


Compression/ extension strength (Mpa)


Melting point

(C type Glass)

1200 ℃

Melting point

(E type Glass)

1350 ℃


  1. Power plant desulphurization
  2. Heavy-duty/anti-corrosive coating on offshore industry equipment, oil, gas, mining, chemical storage facilities, pulp mills.
  3. Epoxy flooring and decorative coating 
  4. Plastic and rubber 
  5. Pearlescent paint/coating
  6. Cosmetic and personal care


 10, 20, 25 KG/Bag, 6-20 MT/20'GP FCL


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