Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder

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Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, new generation of environment friendly anti-rust pigment. use the newest compound and nanotechnology also with high cost performance.

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NOELSON™ Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, new generation of environment friendly anti-rust pigment, introduce from foreign technology development and production in inland China by Noelson Chemicals, the fundamental principles is according to the newest research report (ⅡZBO) of ILSG, the theory is “how much content of zinc powder has no complete relationship with anticorrosion performance of paint film, it depends on other conditions, it is according to the reality of the effect of anticorrosion”. After many years for Noelson Chemicals research achievement, scientific utilize “zinc protect” theory, use the newest compound and nanotechnology (specially introduce the relative technology from U.S.A.) it can be used overlay with zinc powder or used alone, fully enhance the use ratio of zinc powder in the paint film, not only maintain the effect of anticorrosion, also with high cost performance and lower the cost of production.

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NOELSON™ Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder

Chemical & physical index

Product type & Index

Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder

Product application

Partially replace for zinc powder, mainly applicable for epoxy zinc rich and inorganic zinc rich paint, inorganic zinc silicate shop primer, and all types of anticorrosive paint.

Appearance & Color

From type A to D, for dark grey color to light grey color, color and appearance close to zinc powder.

Sieve residue (800mesh) ≤


Oil absorption value g/100g


Moisture %≤




Specific Gravity g/cm


P, Fe3O4, Zn, TiO2 content % ≥


Product performance & application

  • Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder partially replaces for zinc powder (about 20-40%), applicable for all types of anticorrosive paint.

  • The newest research development of H type product, it can totally replace for zinc powder, also can help the manufactory to reduce the cost of production, increase the competitiveness of the product.

  • Those products are widely applicable for container paint, marine paint, steel structure of anticorrosive paint and conductive paint, all types of thermo-stability resistant coating.

  • Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder, the best quality and awareness products for replace for zinc powder and the best choice for other anticorrosive paint.

  • Executive Standard : NS-Q/P1083/1085-2006.

Technical & business service

Best quality and best service are tenets of Noelson Chemicals. Beside of products supplied, we are also providing with full and circumspect technical and business services for all clients. NOELSON™ brand micro-powder and anti-rust pigment products are always the first priority of your best selection.


25kg/bag or 1MT/bag, 18-20MT/20’FCL.

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