Compound Ferro TitaniumI Red

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Environment friendly antirust pigment, the ideal product of subsititution of leaded traditional red lead.

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MF-656R special antirust pigment, also called compound red lead, Noelsonchem research and development at the earliest and throw into domestic market the special antirust pigment products. Products with composite iron titanium and other special antirust pigment as the main subject, blends with other functional additives get together, can substitute for part or total of the traditional red lead, price is most competitiveness, product with good performance of salt fog resistance, strong covering power, good dispersion, and the index at the high level of industry. Products has been widely used by most customers in domestic and overseas, is a newest period product in the field of industrial coatings, praise and accept in the market.

Product type


Chemical & physical index



Compound ferrotitanium & special antirust pigment content ≥


TiO2 % ≥


Sieve residue (325-600mesh) %≤


Density g/cm3


Oil absorption value g/100g≤(Different fineness product have different oil absorption)


covering power (paint) g/cm2

140-180 (according to customer requirement, provide with higher

Water soluble %≤


volatile matter(1059C) %≤




Moisture %≤


Product performance & application

Non-toxic, odorless, the product after the special surface treatment, it is not only have very good anticorrosion property, also have non-poisonous and harmless, good suspended characteristic, effectively overcome poor dispersion of traditional red lead, and easy sedimentary weakness.

Because the production of superfine powder processing technology become completely and the introduction of nano technology, and reduce the heavy metal content of pigment, make red lead paint turns to environmental protection low toxicity direction development, can be prepared of various system of antirust anticorrosion paint.

Product performance standard : NS-Q/MF-656R2005 standard.

Technical & business service

NOELSON™ brand compound red lead series products, quality is excellent, particle size control in specification, chrominance uniformity, price is most competitiveness. Besides of products supplied, we are also providing with full and circumspect technical, customer and logistic service to all clients. NOELSONTM brand fine powder and special pigment products, always been the symbol of best quality and best service in the industry.


20-25kgs/bag or 1ton/bag, 18-20tons/20’FCL.

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