Conductive Mica Powder

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Light-grey color, applicable for all types of conductive coating.

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NOELSON™ brand Conductive Mica Powder, is one of the earliest domestic research and development production of conductive powder series, products with advanced technology, good quality, complete model. Of all, B Model is a special type, adopting import original materials to process and produce, which is in the shape of super fine. The following characters are remarkable:
1. Light specific gravity, good surface treatment: to reduce the unit volume required to add percentage, improve product`s suspension performance, not easy sedimentation, are more likely to disperse.
2. Conductive performance is remarkable: products for lamellar structure, large specific surface area, in the resin to the dispersion and mutual contact, is better than other similar products.
3. Stable chemical performance: in view of our products in the selection of raw materials and product technology unique experience, make our product has excellent corrosion resistance, especially suitable for the use of anti-corrosion coatings.
4. Wide scope of application: used for anti-static and conductive coatings, including storage tank, floor coating.
5. Color light: for with other pigment mixed use, easy to make different color requirements of the coating.
6. Besides EC-300(B), we also have EC-300(C) general type, EC-300(S)which is low oil absorption and etc. main products.

Product type


Chemical & physical index

Item Technical Data
Chemical stability Acid resisting, alkali and organic solvent, no oxidizing
Heat resistance ≥400℃ (below 800℃ stability, flame retardant)
Particle shape Lamellar
Particle size D90≤ 40μm
Bulk density kg/m3 280-360
Oil absorption g/100g 30-40
Color Light grey
Powder resistivity 140-160 Ω·cm

Product performance & application

►  Application fields:Conductive Mica powder is one type of products to be used for antistatic that applicable for all types of antistatic coating, rubber, plastic, binder and other fields. Also, can keep permanent antistatic effect.

Operation Key:NOELSON™ brand conductive products series can be easily dispersed in the resin, we also suggest use the following method to improve the dispersion effect: a. improve mixing speed; b. add dispersant, enhance the conductive powder and organic polymer affinity between; c. when its and traditinal color mixing use, should be the traditional color material evenly dispersed after grinding add conductive powder with stirring; d. suggest using two roll and three roll grinding, grinding fineness must be greater than powder average particle size 20um, cannot use ball mill, sand grinding, etc.

Technical & business service

NOELSON™ brand conductive powder products, at present is the most complete model conductive powder and material supplier in domestic, has considerable influence in the domestic and foreign market. Our provided products of good quality, particle size control in standard, price is competitive. Besides of products supplied, we are also providing with full and circumspect technical, customer and logistic service to all clients.


10kgs/box or 25kgs/drum, 14-18MT/20’FCL.

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