Zinc Phosphomolybdate

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Zinc phosphomolybdate presents good dispersibility, wide adaptability to base materials, strong paint adhesion, and excellent anti-rust performance.

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Zinc phosphomolybdate is a new type of high-efficiency and environment friendly anti-rust pigment. It is a composite anti-corrosion pigment of zinc phosphate and molybdate. The surface is organically treated to increase compatibility with resin. It is suitable for thin-layer anti-corrosion coatings (water, oil) and high-performance water-based anti-corrosion coatings, coil coatings. Zinc phosphomolybdate does not contain heavy metals, such as lead, chromium, mercury, and the product meets the requirements of the EU Rohs Directive. In view of its high content and high specific surface area. Zinc phosphomolybdate can replace similar  products, such as Nubirox 106 and Heubach ZMP.


Noelson™ ZMP/ZPM

Chemical & Physical Properties

Zinc Phosphomolybdate ZMP/ZPM       
Zinc as Zn % 53.5-65.5(A)/60-66(B)
Appearance White Powder
Molybdate % 1.2-2.2
Density g/cm3 3.0-3.6
Oil Absorption 12-30
PH 6-8
Sieve Residue 45um %   0.5
Moisture ≤ 2.0


Zinc phosphomolybdate is an efficient functional anti-rust pigment,  mainly used in heavy-duty anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, coil coatings and other coatings to improve the salt spray and corrosion resistance of the coating. The product has a certain anti-corrosion effect on metal surfaces such as steel, iron, aluminum, magnesium and their alloys. Mainly used in water-based and solvent-based anti-corrosion coatings. When applied to water-based coatings, it is recommended to adjust the pH of the system to be weakly alkaline.Under normal circumstances, when used in paint, grinding must be done. The recommended addition amount in the formula is 5%-8%. In view of the different product systems and use environments of each customer, it is recommended to conduct a sample test before using the product to determine whether the product formula can meet the expected requirements.


25 kgs/bag or 1 ton/bag, 18-20 tons/20’FCL.

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